The Structure Puzzle


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Out of the many questions I receive, the most common one is, “Why can’t I get my team structure right?”.  There are many variables in this, however, the first thing as a leader that you need to consider is does, my business have the right people and are they in the right roles?.    If you do, then you are part the way there.

The second layer ofthis is to think about the design of your organisational structure. To get this right you must have a clear understanding of where your business is sitting today and what the needs will be moving forward.  One of the biggest mistakes made in businesses is that we do not include the time factor. What I mean by this, is that over time a business will grow and change, and in an effectively functioning business, the organisational chart quickly becomes outdated as your people develop and the natural growth occurs.  

The third piece to this puzzle is the career path. A career by its very definition cannot be static and will be defined by the visions of the business. Offering career paths to your team through a process of empowerment unlocks the talent within the team as they strive to achieve more. To drive a culture of empowerment, each person in the team must accept a new level of possibility and be prepared to step up to the challenge and accept the change that comes as the business moves forward.  

The fourth piece of the puzzle and the one that ties this together is the systems tools and your technology. A key element in this is training, you must ensure that your people know how to implement the systems, use the tools and they are trained across all platforms.

If you can get these pieces of the puzzle right, then you can not only create a high performing team, you will also become a business that attracts the best people, one that is built on solid internal foundations and is known for offering successful and rewarding careers.  As we know, this is a wonderful Industry and it brings with it amazing opportunities.

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