Leaders Create Culture

Sometimes culture is used only as a buzzword and often gets described as “the way things get done around here”.  The culture of a business should be seen as the prevailing values,
beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of our people.

Management & Leadership_croppedAn acidic or destructive culture inside your team will place your whole business at risk. Some of the signs that your culture is affected will be subliminal, whilst others will be clearly evident.  The key is to see the signs early and create a change culture for the team. Not an easy task, but one that all leaders must undertake.

The need to add new people to the team will be a constant for you, this is the natural course a business will take as it grows this automatically creates a cultural shift .  This, in itself, presents challenges, and your members will go through various stages as they change from being a group of
people who were previously unknown to each other to a united team with common goals.

If a business is a revolving front door of staff, it is an indication that there are cultural issues.  If these issues are not addressed quickly, the acidic or destructive nature of the culture will spread quickly and more often than not your business will suffer a loss of valuable team members.  The flow on effect from this is that leaders then start recruiting by crisis.  Choosing the wrong people or skipping key new employee inductions as they desperately try to fill the position.  The cultural impact this has,  can bring a business to it’s knees.

Leadership is about making things happen and building effective teams.   Often described as “leading yourself” an identification of your own leadership strengths something that you must understand before you can successfully lead others and evolve your culture.

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