The start of a new year is an opportunity to look ahead and make plans for the next twelve months.

I see a huge gulf between people who just work in property management and people who are property management professionals – and the bridge between the two is ambition coupled with professional development. Anyone at any stage in their career benefits from learning, being aware of industry standards and upskilling. If you speak to someone who is successful in their career (inside or out of our industry) they’ll tell you how they are constantly learning and more often than not, set aside dedicated time regularly to do so. Personally, in my 30 years in property management I have benefitted greatly from structured learning, strong leaders, wise mentors and saying yes to opportunities to try new things and pushing myself at all times.

You never know everything, so I am always learning and actively seeking out opportunities to understand the latest developments in our industry and how they can be applied. I also have the opportunity to share with others some of the key learnings and nuggets of gold that I have acquired.

Something on my horizon that really excites me is the upcoming Property Management Conference (PMC) in April. There are so many great conferences to upskill at, but the PMC is special. Not only is it purpose built for our industry, by people from our industry – but as the biggest one in our part of the world, it attracts the best people. And it’s that opportunity to learn from and with other people with different experiences, who are all working towards the same goal, that is really unique.

At PMC it’s my pleasure to speak about  ‘5 Channels of Growth’ – a structure that fits any Property Management business and provides deep insight into how you can progress and prosper, whatever your goals may be. In the year since we have been discussing the ideas that went into the 5 Channels of Growth, we have been working with a number of agencies to develop targeted marketing plans for each of the 5 channels. In this session we will be discussing some of the experiences we have seen, share some of the best practices that are emerging and debate the ideas we have for pushing it forward.

I’ll also be participating in The Great Debate – an action packed and light hearted dressing down of whether our actions speak louder than words. It’ll be a lot of fun, and a great way to have a laugh with a like minded bunch.

After all, with the day-to-day stress that we can sometimes feel with our line of work, letting your hair down a little can be very beneficial – and here PMC steps up too! The Gala party is without a doubt one of  the craziest and most fun nights of my life, full stop. Last time there were actual crocodiles, lasers, live bands, fire-breathers and knife throwing. This is one of those events that you cannot dress up enough for and can really go all out. It’s time I started thinking about my costume for this year’s theme ‘Heroes and Villains’.

I’m passionate about helping people progress their careers in Property Management and if you have any questions, or want to bounce around some ideas please get in touch. You can find out more about the Property Management Conference here.

What career development do you have planned for 2016?

Click here to find out more about PMC2016

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