It is a myth in the industry that ‘marketing’ is the same as ‘advertising.’ No idea could be more wrong and even worse can destroy any plans to grow your agency beyond the the ‘traditional’ organic growth.

Marketing is much more than advertising. It is instead a broad discipline that fundamentally connects the activities and things you do to your consumer and market place. Good marketing is as much about changing your practices to meet the market as it is about promoting your agency to the market. After all, if you are not doing what your potential clients value, no amount of noise and activity will be able to overcome that.

In planning an effective marketing strategy must should start by identifying and understanding your clients and potential clients. Think about it this way, what will they want from your agency?

You then have to develop processes and systems through the various mediums to make contact with those people and establish your connection.

The final and most critical step in my opinion is to ensure that you nurture and grow over a period of time, your relationship with these people.  It will take time but your patience is the key.  People have to get to know you and your agency and trust that you will look after their needs and their assets.

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